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Benath the Surface (Reluctance #1) - Stacie, M.A.pdf torrent (size: 1.311 MB)
Benath the Surface (Reluctance #1) - Stacie, M.A.pdf
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Kyran Reese is a man in control. Driven when it comes to work,

focused when it comes to play. From his office to the chalk circle

of the bare-knuckle boxing ring, his only thought is to win. That

thirst heightens when Dale Porter enters his life. His brother’s

assistant should be off limits, but her witty comments and sarcastic

comebacks have him desperate to get her between the sheets.

When Dale agrees to Kyran’s relationship stipulation of no labels

she’s sucked into a whirlwind of lust, money, and underground boxing.

Dale fights her growing affection, trying to hide it when the world

around them spirals out of control. All too soon she realizes she

can’t hide her true feelings any longer.

Has Kyran finally met his match? Could playing to win

mean playing for keeps?

Beneath the Surface? (Reluctance #1)

by M.A. Stacie

674 pages

Language :EN

Format :PDF

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